Afternoon Express Interview With Clint Crowster

Call center founder and author ‘Clint Crowster’ on his journey from being a call center agent to starting his own call center, and to publish a book by the age of 40. The book is: ‘Super Fired-Up & Focused’.

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  1. Rozina Adonis

    Clint made such an impact in my life. He was my manager about 14 years ago, and he made me believe you are great. I am an entrepreneur myself today because he and so many others gave me inspiration and still do. #superfiredupand focussed

  2. Sharon

    Very inspiring

  3. Ruth Moodley

    Awesome to she his growth and how he inspires others.

  4. David

    The man!…. Well done Mr Crowster

  5. Lezelda Young (Els)

    Super fired up and proud of you – was thinking of how you walked through the call center spreading positivity. How I looked up at you thinking of only I had so much fire in me and look at what you achieved! Well done! ?

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