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This video gives a brief description of what the company, askOsca.com does and gives a brief overview of what Contact Centres are all about.

It is for the unemployed who wish to receive the right skills to pursue a career in the Contact Centre Industry and for company’s who are keen to utilize the meritorious services askOsca.com provides.

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Who is askOsca.com ?

Our Company Profile Video for 2019 Takes you through the multiple services we offer as a growing business in the Business Process, Recruitment Process & Management Outsourcing space.

Our growth and development of our People and Divisions over the last 6 years has been our greatest accomplishment to date.

Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards

Western Cape Premier Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards 2015 Profile. askOsca entered this competition along with over 300 other businesses in the Western Cape and was selected as a finalist with 25 other companies.

askOsca came 2nd in their category for Best Job Creating Business 2015. Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities Western Cape Govt. presented CEO, Clint Crowster with this award on the 19th November 2015

Sales Training at Direct Axis Financial Services. DA’s outbound sales teams gain skills to assist with improving conversion rates and achieving their sales targets.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork! askOsca facilitates Motivational sessions with Contact Center Teams all over the Western Cape.

Goal Setting 101 with Sales Teams in Cape Town. askOsca encourages Trainees to set and align their personal goals with their professional goals to become successful

askOsca Academy Graduates are ready to pursue a career in Contact Centers after successfully completing our course “Talk Your Way to the Top”.

askOsca facilitates a session on How to use Questioning Techniques Effectively in a Contact Centre.

Contact Center Consultants at askOsca’s Contact Centre based in Cape Town. Consultants apply their skills in a live environment, making calls to SA, UK, USA and most of the European markets.

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